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Quintets Plus
Title Publisher Catalog# Instrumen-
Format Price
Buy Anonymous (Düben Collection) Sonata for 6 Violins and Basso continuo Edition Baroque eba5009 6vln, bc sc, pts 13.50
Buy Aumann, Franz Partita in G Major (without using one's fingers) Doblinger DM1232 Vn,Vn,Vn,Vn,Vc Sc, Pts 16.50
Buy Beethoven String Quintets, Op. 4, 29, 104, 137 Henle HN9267 Vn,Vn,Va,Va,Vc Study Score 19.95
Buy Beethoven, Ludwig van String Quintets (revised edition) Henle HN267 Vn,Vn,Va,Va,Vc Pts only 71.95
Buy Brahms Piano Quintet in f minor, Op. 34 Revised edition, urtext Henle HN251 Vn,Vn,Va,Vc,Pf Sc, Pts 66.95
Buy Bruch Streichquintett Es-dur (String Quintet in E flat Major) Henle HN844 Vl, Vl, Va,Va, Vc parts only 39.95
Buy Decsenyi, Janos Concertino Schott CON174 Vn,Str.Orch Sc only 10.50
Buy Dragonetti, Domenico / John Feeney New!  Quintet No. 18 in C major for double bass, violin, two violas and basso (cello) The instrumentation of this quintet, which calls for a solo double bass, one violin, two violas, and a second accompanimental basso line, provides a warm and expansive palette with which Dragonetti has painted his musical scenes. The opening Andante has a pastoral character, gracious and inviting, and serves as an introduction to the extended second movement (Allegro non troppo), which is cast in a rondo form. Various activities are sketched in a stream of consciousness – horn calls, village scenes, etc. – and as the movement progresses the listener is treated to a variety of swiftly changing moods, creating a very dramatic, even operatic, atmosphere. Grancino Editions EDB1 Db, Vl, 2Va, Vc Sc, Pts 36.00
Buy Dragonetti, Domenico New!  Quintett in B Dur Dobinger DM1364 Solo Kb, Vn, 2 Va, B Sc, Pts 65.00
Buy Fischer, Johann New!  Sonata: Hertzlich thut mich verlangen (O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden) Edition Walhall EW397 2 Vn, 2 Va, B, Bc Sc, Pts 16.00
Buy Hardt, Johann Daniel 3 Sonatinas for two bass viols or bass viol and basso continuo Edition Baroque eba2145 2B; B, BC sc, pts 20.00
Buy Leo, Leonardo Concerto fur 5 Violincelli Kunzelmann GM1290 5 Vc Pts only 21.00
Buy Mozart Streichquintettsatz in B-Dur Kunzelmann GM1627 2Vn,2Va,Vc Sc, Pts 21.60
Buy Mozart The Complete String Quintets Barenreiter BA4771 2Vn,2Va,Vc Pts only 69.00
Buy Schmelzer New!  Harmonia a 5 RG Editions RG206 Vn,3 Va, Bn, Bc. Sc, Pts 21.00
Buy Schubert Klavier-Quintett - Opus post.114 (Forellen Quintett) Henle HN463 Pf,Vn,Va,Vc,CBass Sc, Pts 49.95
Buy Schubert Quintet in A major (the "Trout " Quintet) - D667 (op.Post.114) Barenreiter BA5608 Pf,Vn,Va,Vc,CB Sc, Pts 35.00
Buy Schubert String Quintet in C major, D956 - op. post. 163 Barenreiter BA5612 2Vn,Va,2Vc Pts only 22.50
Buy Schubert Trout Quintet Op post 114 Henle HN9463 Vn,Va,Vc,B,Pf Study Score 13.95
Buy Wagenseil, Georg Christoph Sinfonia-Sestetto A Major WV487 Doblinger DM1199 4Vn,Va,Vc/Bass Sc, Pts 19.75
Buy Zanetti, Francesco / Nona Pyron & Christopher Barritt New!  Sonata da Camera for Three Violins and Two Violoncellos, Op. 2 Grancino Editions ECS26 3 Vn, 2 Vc Sc, Pts 16.00