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Two or More Lutes
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Format Price
Buy   / Dugot, Joel, ed. New!  Anthology of 17th Century French Pieces for 2 Baroque Lutes Vol. 2 Music by Johann Gumprecth and Francois Dufaut. Ut Orpheus SDS15 2 baroque lutes Tab Scr, Pts 22.00
Buy Bailes, Anne, ed. Easy Duets for Two Lutes Tree M-TRBailes 2 Ren. Lutes Sc, Tab 29.00
Buy Buxtehude, Dietrich Suite G Moll, Bux WV 241 Tree M-TRBuxte 2 Ren. Lute Tab Pts 19.50
Buy de Lassus, Roland The Bicinium Revisited, Vol. 1 Instrumenta Antiqua TBR 2/3 Lutes Sc, Pts 21.00
Buy De Valderrabona 7 Duets from Silva De Sirenas Tree M-TRSirenas 2 Lutes 2 Sc 23.00
Buy Dittmann, Beate German Renaissance Lute Music Vol. 2 Tree M-TRGermRen V,Ren Lute or 2 Ren Lute Sc, Tab 29.00
Buy Dugot, Joel New!  Anthology of 17th Century French Pieces for 2 Baroque Lutes Vol. 3 Music by Denis Gautier, Ennemond Gautier, Charles Mouton and Anonymous Ut Orpheus SDS16 2 Baroque Lutes Tab Sc, Pts 22.00
Buy Galilei, Vincentio Two Lute Duets from "Fronimo Dialogo" Associated NYPM/IS-3 2 Lutes/Guitars Sc, Pts, Tab 5.95
Buy Kopperud, Espen The Lute the Bird and the Deers Tree M-TRKopperud 2 Ren. Lute Tab Pts 17.75
Buy Lauffensteiner, Wolff Jakob Sonata A Dur Tree M-TRLauffen 2 Bar Lutes or Vn/Vdg and Bar Lute Tab Pts 29.00
Buy Lawes, William 3 Pieces for two Lutes Tree M-TRLawes 2 10-course Lutes, Ren. Tuning Tab, CD 27.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan 50 English Duets Lundgren SL17 2 Ren. Lutes Tab Pts 74.70
Buy Lundgren, Stefan Rabenzeit Lundgren SL18 2 Ren. Lutes Tab Sc 24.00
Buy Martin, Edward; Walker, Thomas New!  Courante French lute duets. The music for Lute One is accompanied by a recording of the Lute Two parts, so you can play along with the recording. Likewise, the music for Lute Two is accompanied by a recording of the Lute One parts. Music included is: Suite in c minor Francois by Dufault (b 1604-1672); Pieces in a minor by Pierre Dubut (1610-1681): Pieces in d minor and a minor by Vieux Gaultier (1575--1651) and Denis Gaultier (1602 --1672); Chaconne in G Major by Charles Mouton (1625-1710); Chaconne (Sarabande) in A Major by Ennemond Vieux Gaultier (1575-1651) Gamut Music GM817 2 baroque lutes Pts, CD 50.00
Buy Meyer, Wolfgang and Schulze-Kurz, Ekkehard Die Lautenquartette aus dem Thysius-Lautenbuch Lundgren SL28 4 Lutes Tab Pts 60.00
Buy Mudarra, Alonso The Complete Solo Works of Alonso Mudarra Lyre Music Publications Lyre14 Vihuela and 4 course guitar Book 35.00
Buy Robiczek, Bonnie Duet in A Tree M-TRRobiczek 2 Bar. Lutes Tab Sc 9.00
Buy Satoh, Toyohiko Rockedy Tree M-TRRockedy 2 Ren. Lutes Sc, Tab 9.00
Buy Telemann, G.P. New!  Five Suites for Two Eleven Course Lutes Dutch Lute Society DLS02 2 Bar. Lutes Pts 18.00
Buy Vallet, Nicolas Pieces for 4 Lutes Tree M-TRVallet 4 Bar. Lutes Tab 29.00
Buy Visee, Rober de New!  2 Suites for 2 Theorbos Ut Orpheus SDS14 2 Therobos Tab Sc, Pts 35.00