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Buy Bernier, N Motet a 1, 2 et 3 voix, avec symphonie et sans symphonie, 1er Oeuvre Fuzeau 1020FZ V,Instr Facs Sc 87.50
Buy Bernier, Nicholas Cantates Francaises, Troisieme Livre Fuzeau 2709FZ V, Instr Facs Sc 52.50
Buy Bernier, Nicolas Cantates Francaises, Septieme Livre Fuzeau 2762FZ V,Instr Facs Sc 32.00
Buy Bernier, Nicolas Cantates Francaises, Sixieme Livre Fuzeau 2763FZ V,Instr Facs Sc 50.50
Buy Boismortier, Joseph Bodin New!  Les Quatre Saisons 3 cantatas for Soprano, obbligato instruments and Basso continuo, and 1 cantata for Bass, obbligato instruments and Basso continuo. Fuzeau 5764FZ Voice, Insts, Bc Facs. Sc 72.00
Buy Caccini, Giulio Le Nuove Musiche Broude PF35 Voice Facs Sc 20.00
Buy Campion New!  A booke of Ayres Broude PF119 1-4 V, Lute Sc 20.00
Buy Campion, Thomas New!  Two Bookes of Ayres. The First Containing Divine and Morall Songs: The Second, Light Conceits of Lovers. To be sung to the Lute and Viols, in two, three, and foure Parts: or by one Voyce to an Instrument. Broude PF106 1-4 V, Instrs Facs Sc 20.00
Buy Campra, Andre Cantates Francaises, Livre Premier Fuzeau 4336FZ V, Instr Facs Sc 92.00
Buy Campra, Andre Motets a I, II & III Voix, 2e Livre Fuzeau 0615FZ V,Instr Facs Sc 64.50
Buy Campra, Andre Motets a I, II et III Voix, Premier Livre Fuzeau 0565FZ V,BC Facs Sc 54.00
Buy Clerambault Cantates Francaises , melees de symphonies, 3e Livre Fuzeau 2768FZ V,Instr Facs Sc 41.50
Buy Clerambault Cantates Francaises a I et a II voix avec symphonie,& sans symphonie Fuzeau 2083FZ V,Instr Facs Sc 57.00
Buy Clerambault Cantates Francaises melees de symphonies, 2e Livre ( Paris 1713) Fuzeau 0997FZ V,Instr Facs Sc 55.00
Buy Couperin, François Leçons de Ténèbres Fuzeau 2303FZ 1-2 Voices, BC Facs Sc 47.00
Buy De Brossard Promodus Musicalis ou Elevations et Motets, 1er Livre Fuzeau 2573FZ V,BC Facs Sc 28.00
Buy Delalande, M.-Richard Grand Motet: De Profundis ( Psalm 129) Fuzeau 4306FZ V,Instr Facs Sc 44.00
Buy Delalande, Michel-Richard Grand Motet: Laudate Dominum Quoniam Bonus Est Palmus (Psaume 146) Fuzeau 3169FZ V Facs Sc 40.00
Buy Dowland, John A Pilgrimes Solace Broude PF195 V,Lute,Viols Facs Sc 20.00
Buy Dowland, John New!  First Book of Songs or Ayres of foure parts, with Tableture for the Lute. So made, that all the parts together, or either of them severally, may be sung to the Lute, Orpherain, or Viol de gambo. Includes: In quiet thoughts; If my complaints could passions move; Can she excuse my wrongs with vertues cloake; Come againe sweet love doth now invite; Come heavy sleep; and more. Broude PF127 1-4 V, instrs Facs Sc 20.00
Buy Dowland, John New!  The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres, of 2, 4 and 5 parts: With Tableture for the Lute or Orpherian, with the Violl de Gamba. Includes: I saw my Lady weepe; Flow my tears fall from your springs; O sweet woods; Now cease my wandring eyes; and more. Broude PF128 1-5 V, instrs Facs Sc 20.00
Buy Dowland, John New!  The Third and Last Booke of Songs or Ayres. Newly composed to sing to the Lute, Orpharion, or viols, and a dialogue for a base and meane Lute with five voices to sing thereto. Includes: Farewell too faire; Me me and none but me; Lend your ears to my sorrow; Farewell mankind farewell; I must complaine, yet doe enjoy; It was a time when silly bees could speake, The lowest trees have tops; and more. Broude PF129 1-5 V, Instrs Facs Sc 20.00
Buy Du Mont, Henry New!  Motets a II. III. et IV parties Alamire AL32 Voices, Instrs, Bc Facs. Pts 44.00
Buy Frescobaldi, Girolamo / Mioli Primo e secondo libro d’arie musicali, Firenze 1630 SPES AMLCB010 1-3 V, Continuo Facs Sc 35.00
Buy Kapsperger, Giovanni Girolamo New!  Arie e Mottetti Passeggiati SPES AMCDTR32 1 & 2 voices, Bc Facs 35.00
Buy Lebegue Motets Pour Les Principales Fetes De L'Annee Fuzeau 3276FZ V, BC Facs Sc 30.00
Buy McGraw, Hugh The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition Sacred Harp Pub. SH 4 V Book 22.00
Buy Morley et al Madrigales: the Triumphes of oriana, to 5 and 6 voices Broude PF63 5-6 voices Facs pts 45.00
Buy Rameau, Jean-Philippe Cantates Françaises (intégrales) Cantates Françaises a voix seule avec simphonie, livre premier: Le berger fidèle, Aquilon et Orithie. Copies Manuscrites: Thétis, Les amants trahis, L'impatience, Orphée. Manuscrit autopraphe inédit: Cantate pour le jour d Fuzeau 2598FZ Voice, Var Instr Facs pts 101.50
Buy Ravenscroft, Thomas New!  Deuteromelia: or The Second part of Musicks melodie, or melodius Musicke or Pleasant Roundelaies; K.H. mirth, or Freemens Songs and such delightful catches. Broude Brothers PF227 Var. Facs Sc 17.50
Buy Ravenscroft, Thomas New!  Melismata. Musical Fancies. Fitting the Court, City, and Country Humors. To 3, 4, and 5 Voices. Broude Brothers PF228 Var. Facs Sc 17.50
Buy Ravenscroft, Thomas New!  Pammelia, Musicks Miscellanie. Or, Mixed Varietie of Pleasant Roundelayes, and delightfull Catches, of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Parts in One. Broude Brothers PF226 Var. Facs Sc 17.50
Buy Scarlatti, Alessandro New!  Three Cantatas for Voice, Cello and Keyboard (This item is the same as Three Cantatas for Voice & Cello with Keyboard, ECS16, but in facsimile.) (c. 1700). Sources: London, British Library. (1) Add.Ms. 29249, f. 1–6; (2) Add.Ms. 14212, f. 136–142; (3) Add.Ms. 34056, f. 148–156. Grancino Editions ECS16FACS Low V, Cello, Bc Facs Sc 20.00
Buy Valette de Montigny Motets a I, II, III Voix avec & sans instr. & BC, 1er Livre Fuzeau 1992FZ V,Instr Facs Sc 34.00