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Wooden Recorders and Other Wind Instruments
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Aura Recorders by Coolsma of Holland

Kobliczek, Praetorius Model Renaissance Recorders

Kung of Switzerland

Moeck of Germany


Zamir Recorder Industry of Israel

Zen On

Cornetti by Christopher Monk

All instruments purchased from our shop are covered by our 12-month warranty. With any purchase you are entitled to a 10-day trial period. If not satisfied with the instrument(s), you may try another or receive a refund or credit.
AURA RECORDERS BY COOLSMA OF HOLLAND. Bright-sounding, accurate instruments, made of pearwood or bubinga.
KOBLICZEK, PRAETORIUS MODEL RENAISSANCE RECORDERS. Our favorite renaissance recorder. Made out of stained maple. Fine replicas for solo and performance of renaissance music.
Description Price
Buy 752 Koblicek, Praetorius Model 752 Garklein in C 235.00
Buy 754 Koblicek, Praetorius Model 754 Sopranino in F 330.00
Buy 756 Koblicek, Praetorius Model 756 Soprano in C 420.00
Buy 762 Koblicek, Praetorius Model 762 Alto in F 570.00
Buy 764 Koblicek, Praetorius Model 764 Alto in G 575.00
Buy 770 Koblicek, Praetorius Model 770 Tenor, 2 piece, keyless 755.00
Buy 722 Koblicek, Praetorius Model 722 Tenor, 3 piece, with key and fontanelle 1,145.00
Buy 730 Koblicek, Praetorius Model 730 Bass, direct blow with F key 1,850.00
STUDIO MODEL. Soprano and Alto Recorders in Various Wood Types for beginners or ensembles.
CLASSICA MODEL. From Garklein to Sub Bass in various woods. A straight windway and rich, full sound, well suited for ensemble playing.
Description Price
Buy 3408 Kung Classica Model 3408 Alto in F, rosewood 540.00
SUPERIO MODEL. A baroque sound, with a curved windway, ideal for both solo and ensemble performance. Suited to the advanced player.
FLAUTO RONDO. The Flauto Rondo series is a further development of the now discontinued Flauto Leggero Series. All sizes are made of Maple. Alto, Tenor and Bass have curved windways.
Description Price
Buy 211R Moeck Flauto Rondo 211R Sopranino, 2 piece 167.00
Buy 223R/2200 Moeck Flauto Rondo 223R Soprano, 2 piece 104.00
Buy 236R/2300 Moeck Flauto Rondo 236R Alto 273.00
Buy 237R Moeck Flauto Rondo 237R Alto, Double Key 385.00
Buy 242R Moeck Flauto Rondo 242R Tenor 440.00
Buy 243R Moeck Flauto Rondo 243R Tenor, Double Key 546.00
Buy 252RK Moeck Flauto Rondo 252RK Knick or Bent Bass, Single Key 1,200.00
Buy 253R Moeck Flauto Rondo 2520 Bass with Double Key, Bocal 1,370.00
Buy 253RK Moeck Flauto Rondo 253RK Knick Bass with Double Key 1,370.00
Buy 262R Moeck Flauto Rondo 262R Great Bass, Bocal, Triple Key 2,232.00
ROTTENBURGH RECORDERS. Designed by Friedrich von Huene from an original by Rottenburgh of Brussels (1672-1756), are excellent and reliable baroque style recorders, with a brilliant upper register. All have a curved windway.
Description Price
Buy 219 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 219 Sopranino, Maple 240.00
Buy 319/4104 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 319 Sopranino, Boxwood 277.00
Buy 419 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 419 Sopranino, Rosewood 347.00
Buy 519 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 519 Sopranino, Ebony 424.00
Buy 129 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 129 Soprano, Maple, 2 Piece 172.00
Buy 229 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 4204 Soprano, Maple, 3 Piece 310.00
Buy 229p Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 229p Soprano, Pearwood 266.00
Buy 329/4204 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 329 Soprano, Boxwood 348.00
Buy 429 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 429 Soprano, Rosewood 430.00
Buy 729 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 729 Soprano, Olivewood 522.00
Buy 529 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 529 Soprano, Ebony 509.00
Buy 239/4300 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 239 Alto, Maple 383.00
Buy 339/4304 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 339 Alto, Boxwood 595.00
Buy 439/4305 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 439 Alto, Rosewood 748.00
Buy 539 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 539 Alto, Ebony 928.00
Buy 239p Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 239p Alto, Pearwood 433.00
Buy 739/4306 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 739 Alto, Olivewood 953.00
Buy 249 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 249 Tenor, Maple 586.00
Buy 249A Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 249A Tenor, Maple, Double Key 698.00
Buy   4940 Tenor PLUS, Maple, bent neck 1,025.00
Buy 349 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 349 Tenor, Boxwood 718.00
Buy 349A Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 349A Tenor, Boxwood, Double Key 830.00
Buy 449 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 449 Tenor, Rosewood 949.00
Buy 449A Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 449A Tenor, Rosewood, Double Key 1,060.00
Buy 549 Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 549 Tenor, Ebony 1,180.00
Buy 549A Moeck Rottenburgh Recorder 549A Tenor, Ebony, Double Key 1,293.00
ALTO RECORDERS AFTER THOMAS STANESBY SENIOR. A new addition to the Moeck inventory are the Alto Recorders after Thomas Stanesby Senior (1668-1734, London). The original of this is preserved in Frans Bruggen's collection in Amsterdam. With a high narrow windway and characteristic timbre, they are a fine instrument for the serious recorder player. Crafted of Boxwood, these instruments are available in either a natural boxwood color or a dark antique stain.
Description Price
Buy 930 Moeck Stanesby 930 Alto, Boxwood, A 440 1,280.00
Buy 930A Moeck Stanesby 930A Alto, Boxwood, A 415 1,370.00
THE RENAISSANCE CONSORT. Newly designed and based on instruments in the Hofburgmuseum, Vienna, are ideally suited for 16th century music. They are made from dark stained Sycamore, and have tenon joints reinforced with a brass ring. With a range of one octave and a sixth, they are pitched at A 440 and have modern fingerings and temperament. Instruments with renaissance fingerings and mean tone temperament may be special ordered.
Description Price
Buy 822 Moeck Renaissance 822 Soprano 641.00
Buy 832 Moeck Renaissance 832 Alto 940.00
Buy 842 Moeck Renaissance 842 Tenor 1,130.00
Buy 843 Moeck Renaissance 843 Tenor, Key, Fontanelle 1,340.00
Buy 852 Moeck Renaissance 852 Bass, Single Key 2,080.00
Buy 862 Moeck Renaissance 862 Great Bass 3,270.00
BAROQUE RECORDERS, CANTA MODEL. Made in Germany of pearwood, simple turnings, a dark mellow, sound quality, a good student instrument.
Description Price
Buy 2106 Mollenhauer Canta Model 2106 Soprano, double holes, two piece 110.00
Buy 2206 Mollenhauer Canta Model 2206 Alto 268.00
Buy 2246 Mollenhauer Canta Model 2246 Alto with double key 408.00
Buy 2406 Mollenhauer Canta Model 2406 Tenor, keyless 422.00
Buy 2406K Mollenhauer Canta Model 2406K Knick Tenor, keyless 527.00
Buy 2446 Mollenhauer Canta Model 2446 Tenor with C C# keys 590.00
Buy 2446K Mollenhauer Canta Model 2446K Knick Tenor with C C# keys 697.00
Buy 2546k Mollenhauer Canta Model 2546K Knick Bass with double keys 1,358.00
PRIMA RECORDERS. A beginning recorder with a plastic head and maple body. Combines the durability of plastic and the warm sound of wood, and produces a clear, responsive sound.
Description Price
Buy 1094 Mollenhauer Prima Recorder 1094 Soprano with double holes 48.00
Buy 1295 Mollenhauer Prima Recorder 1295 Alto with double holes 134.00
MODERN ALTO RECORDER. The result of the cooperative effort of recorder player Nikolai Tarasov and maker Joachim Paetzold. It has an increased sound volume in the lowest octave and double keys create playable notes at normal volume in the third octave.
Description Price
Buy 5926 Mollenhauer Modern Alto Recorder 5926 Pearwood with double key 1,122.00
Buy 5920 Mollenhauer Modern Alto Recorder 5920 Palisander with double key 1,692.00
Buy 5924 Mollenhauer Modern Alto Recorder 5924 Grenadilla with double key 2,075.00
KYNSEKER RECORDERS. A renaissance series designed after Hieronymous Kynseker (1636-1686). Fine instruments for renaissance solo and consort music.
Description Price
Buy 4001 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4001 Garklein in C, Maple 397.00
Buy 4002 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4002 Garklein in C, Plumwood 497.00
Buy 4007 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4007 Sopranino in F, Maple 450.00
Buy 4008 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4008 Sopranino in F, Plumwood 539.00
Buy 4107 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4107 Soprano in C, Maple 481.00
Buy 4108 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4108 Soprano in C, Plumwood 556.00
Buy 4208 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4208 Alto in G, Plumwood 777.00
Buy 4217 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4217 Alto in F, Maple 670.00
Buy 4218 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4218 Alto in F, Plumwood 777.00
Buy 4407 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4407 Tenor in C, without key, Maple 850.00
Buy 4408 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4408 Tenor in C, without key, Plumwood 962.00
Buy 4417 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4417 Tenor in C, with one key, Maple 1,394.00
Buy 4418 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4418 Tenor in C, with one key, Plumwood 1,511.00
Buy 4507 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4507 Bass in F, with one key, Maple 2,606.00
Buy 4508 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4508 Bass in F, with one key, Plumwood 2,756.00
Buy 4607 Mollenhauer Kynseker Recorder 4607 Great Bass in C, with one key, Maple 4,080.00
DENNER SERIES. Excellent for both consort and solo playing. Fine instruments for a moderate price.
Description Price
Buy 5006 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5006 Sopranino, Pearwood 236.00
Buy 5020 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5020 Sopranino, Palisander 333.00
Buy 5022 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5022 Sopranino, Boxwood 274.00
Buy 5107 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5107 Soprano, Pearwood 229.00
Buy 5120 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5120 Soprano, Palisander 414.00
Buy 5122 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5122 Soprano, Boxwood 315.00
Buy 5123 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5123 Soprano, Olive wood 468.00
Buy 5124 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5124 Soprano, Grenadilla 496.00
Buy 5129 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5129 Soprano, European Boxwood 635.00
Buy 5206 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5206 Alto, Pearwood 413.00
Buy 5220 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5220 Alto, Palisander 747.00
Buy 5222 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5222 Alto, Boxwood 525.00
Buy 5223 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5223 Alto, Olive wood 853.00
Buy 5224 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5224 Alto, Grenadilla 925.00
Buy 5406 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5406 Tenor, keyless, Pearwood 579.00
Buy 5420 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5420 Tenor, keyless, Palisander 925.00
Buy 5422 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5422 Tenor, keyless, Boxwood 700.00
Buy 5416 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5416 Tenor, double keys, Pearwood 775.00
Buy 5430 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5430 Tenor, double keys, Rosewood 1,124.00
Buy 5432 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5432 Tenor, double keys, Boxwood 897.00
Buy 5506 Mollenhauer Denner Series 5506 Bass with bocal, Pearwood 1,771.00
THE DREAM SOPRANO RECORDER. A renaissance bore with baroque fingerings It has two octaves and a curved windway. Available in three colors, teal, burgundy and pearwood.
Description Price
Buy 4117 Mollenhauer Dream Soprano Recorder 4117, pearwood 138.00
Buy 4117R Mollenhauer Dream Soprano Recorder 4117R, colored in red 160.00
Buy 4117B Mollenhauer Dream Soprano Recorder 4117B, colored in blue 138.00
Buy 4119 Mollenhauer Dream Soprano Recorder 4119, double holes, pearwood 145.00
Buy 4119R Mollenhauer Dream Soprano Recorder 4119R, double holes, colored in red 145.00
Buy 4119B Mollenhauer Dream Soprano Recorder 4119B, double holes, colored in blue 145.00
THE NEW DREAM ALTO RECORDER. A renaissance bore with baroque fingerings It has two octaves and a curved windway. Available in pearwood.
Description Price
Buy 4317 Mollenhauer Dream Alto Recorder 4317, pearwood 349.00
Buy 4324 Mollenhauer Dream Alto Recorder 4324, Ebony 1,005.00
THE NEW DREAM TENOR RECORDER. A renaissance bore with baroque fingerings. It has two octaves,  a curved winway, and C C# Keys. Available in pearwood.
Description Price
Buy 4427 Mollenhauer Dream Tenor recorder 4427, pearwood 1,015.00

Please note! Zamir has ceased operation, and we are now unable to get more Zamir recorders beyond what we have in stock now.
ZAMIR MODEL. A simple, good recorder for the beginning student.

Please note! Zamir has ceased operation, and we are now unable to get more Zamir recorders beyond what we have in stock now.
ARIEL MODEL. Designed for the consort player.

Please note! Zamir has ceased operation, and we are now unable to get more Zamir recorders beyond what we have in stock now.
ARIEL SOLOIST MODEL. Designed for solo and consort playing.

Please note! Zamir has ceased operation, and we are now unable to get more Zamir recorders beyond what we have in stock now.
ZEN ON. Made in Japan by the folks who manufacture the Stanesby and Bressan plastic recorders, and who publish many early music editions. These are baroque style recorders, with a reedy, bright sound quality.
Description Price
Buy S110 Zen On S110 Soprano, Maple, 3 pc. 245.00
Buy A1700 Zen On A1700 Alto, Maple 335.00
    Description Price
Buy Christopher Monk Alto Cornetto in G. Curved, of black resin covered with black leather. (Includes one acorn or trumpet type mouth piece of resin. Please specify) 525.00
Buy Christopher Monk Alto Cornetto Soft Case 40.00
Buy Standard Acorn mouth piece of resin 45.00
Buy Hand-made Trumpet type mouth piece of horn 115.00