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Buy 7 Solos 7 Solos
Winner of the World Music and Independent Film Festival, 7 Solos is the ultimate early music journey. DVD, 34 minutes.
Buy HR73102 The Passionate Leeras
Lessons for Two from the "Berlin Manuscript"
Annette Otterstedt & Hans Reiners, viols
Jenkins, Magdeburg Suite
1. Pavan 'Magdeburg Bells - Die Glocken von Magdeburg'
2. Air 'The Church Goers - Der Weg zur Kirchen'
3. Air 'Alas Poor Yorick - Ernste Gedaneken auff dem Gottesacker'
4. Air 'A merry Chiming - Osterglocken'
5. Air 'To the Alehouse - Das Wirtshaus'
6. Corant 'Gallimaufry - Raufferey'
7. Pavin
8. Alman
Laws, Suite in f-minor
9. Pavin
10. Air
11. Corant
12. Cantabo tibi in lyra
Lawes, Suite in F-major
13. Pavan
14. Air
15. Corant
16. Corant
17. Saraband
18. The Enraged Musician
19. Newark Siege
20. Galliard
Buy HR73101 Two Over the Eights
New Lessons for 2 Lyra Viols, from the "Berlin Manuscript"
Annette Otterstedt & Hans Reiners, Lyra viols
1. Fantasia Laboravi
2. Coranto Laboravi
3. Pavan
4. Galliard
5. Fantasia
6. Almain
7. Almain
8. Galliard
9. Pavan
10. Aire
11. A Maske
12. Corant
13. Saraband-Close
14. Fantasia
15. Almaine
16. An Ecco
17. Corant
18. Two over the Eights
19. Pavan Alman
20. Aire
21. Corant
22. Air
23. Stick and Bucket Dance
Buy CCD230 Königliche Gambenduos
Monika Schwamberger, Leonore von Zadow-Reichling on Viola da Gamba, Lore Everling on Cembalo.
1-4. Sonate c-Moll (Nr. 5, Heft 2, S. 3) by Boismortier
5-9. Sonate a-Moll (Nr. 19, Heft 4, S. 18) by Leclair
10-12. Sonate d-Moll (Nr. 1, Heft 1, S. 3) by Somis
13-17. Sonate G-Dur (Nr. 23, Heft 5, S. 6) by Senalliè
18-21. Sonate g-Moll (Nr. 12, Heft 3, S. 6) by Boismortier
22-25. Sonate A-Dur (Nr. 17, Heft 4, S. 3) by Correlli
26-28. Sonate d-Moll (Nr. 3, Heft 1, S. 15) by Senalliè
29-31. Sonate F-Dur (Nr. 22, Heft 5, S. 12) by Benda
Buy YKVC0503 Ja, doch Bach mit Gambenconsort
(Yes, of course, Bach!) Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort.
1-3. Toccata e-Moll BWV914.
4. O Mensch, bewein' dein' Sünde gross in F-dur (original Eb) BWV622.
5. Sinfonia Nr 9 in e-Moll (orig f-moll) BWV795.
6. Sinfonia Nr 12 in G-dur (orig A) BWV798.
7. Praeludium Nr 1 (Well-Tempered Clavier) BWV846.
8. Contrapunctus Nr 1 (Art of the Fugue).
9. Contrapunctus Nr 9 (Art of the Fugue).
10. Contrapunctus Nr 2 (Art of the Fugue).
11. Nun komm' der Heiden Heiland BWV659.
12. Chorale In Dulci Jubilo BWV368.
13. In Dulci Jubilo BWV608.
14. Praeludium Nr 8 in d-Moll (original eb) (Well-Tempered Clavier) BWV853.
15. Praeludium Nr 22 in h-Moll (original b) (Well-Tempered Clavier) BWV867.
16. An Wasserfluessen Babylon BWV653b.
17. Aria in a-Moll (original c) BWV590.
18. Ricercare a 6 (Musical Offering) BWV1079.
19. Jesus bleibet meine Freude BWV147a.
Buy CRC2685 Among Rosebuds
Music for Viola da Gamba solo, with continuo and with voice from 17th and 18th Century France and England.
Ann Marie Morgan, Bass Viola da Gamba. William Simms, Theorbo.
1. Baltzar - Divisions on a ground in G major.
2. Lawes - Among Rosebuds.
3. Simpson - Prelude in D major.
4-9. Forqueray - Première Suite in D minor.
10-11. Simpson - Prelude in Bb major, Prelude in E minor.
12. Lanier - Fire, lo how I burn.
13. Marais - Sujet diversité
Buy   Martha At First Pres
Martha Sandford plays three organs at the First Presbyterian Church in Boulder, Colorado
1-5. Veni Creator, Opus 4 by Maurice Durufle.
6-7. Sonata III, Opus 65 by Felix Mendelssohn.
8-13. Three Chorale Preludes, Opus 122 by Johannes Brahms.
14-15. Fantasia and Fugue in G minor, BWV542 by J.S. Bach.
16-18. Three Schübler Chorales by J.S. Bach.
19-29. Variations sur un vieux Noel, Opus 20 by Marcel Dupre.
30. Carillon de Westminster by Louis Vierne.
31. Toccata (Symphony V), Opus 42, #5 by Charles Marie Widor.
Buy   Dolce Musica, A Contemplative Journey
Celtic, Renaissance and Medieval Melodies, played by Eileen Hadidian and Natalie Cox on Renaissance and Baroque Flute, Recorder and Harp.
1. All in a Garden Green
2. Humors of Joyce County
3. The Blackbird
4. O pastor animarum (Hildegard von Bingen)
5. O pastor animarum (arr. Eileen Hadidian)
6. Ave nobilis venerabilis
7. Stella splendens
8. Mirum si laeteris
9. Dehors lonc pré
10. Cantus super Kyrie Deus Sempiterna (Bill McJohn, 1999)
11. O'Carolan's dream
12. Lord Gallway's lamentation
13. A Scot's tune
14. Scarborough fair
15. Christ child lullaby
16. Dir deighre is breó
17. Start of County Down
18. Morgan Magan
Buy SM200CD Bountiful Harvest, Sydney Martin
Sydney Martin: Mountain Dulcimer, Bowed Psaltery, Classical Guitar, Lead Vocals.
Laury Sky: Chorded Zither (autoharp), Acoustic Bass, Harmony Vocals.
Bill Sky: Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Harmony Vocals.
1. My Dear Companion
2. In the Pines
3. Put my Little Shoes Away
4. Little Moses
5. Wayfaring Stranger
6. Rosewood Casket
7. Bountiful Harvest
8. Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
9. When You and I Were Young, Maggie
10. Give me the Roses
11. The Cuckoo/Shady Grove.
Buy CRC2482 Claudio Monteverdi: Third Book of Madrigals for viol consort
Sex Chordae Consort of Viols, John Dornenburg director.
1. O come è gran martire
2. Ch'io non t'ami, cor mio?
3. Sovra tenere herbette
4. O dolce anima mia
5. O Primavera, gioventù dell'anno
6-8. Vattene pur, crudel
9. Perfidissimo volta
10. Stracciami pur il core
11. Se per estremo ardore
12. O rossignuol
13. Lumi, miei cari lumi
14-16. Vivrò fra i miei tormenti
17. La giovinetta pianta
18. Occhi, un tempo mia vita
19-20. Rimanti in pace
Buy CRC2713 Solo Viola da Gamba
John Dornenburg, viola da gamba
Tobias Hume
1. Captaine Humes Pavan
2. The Spirit of Gambo
Le Sieur de Sainte-Colombe
3-7. Pieces de viole seule
8. Prelude
9. Division in D Major
10-14. Partita XIII in A Minor
15-19. Pieces for Solo Viol
20. Chaconne
Buy YKVC0201 Buffet Delle Quattro Viole da Gamba by the Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort
1. D. da Conceiçao: Batalha de 5º Tom Arr. by YKVC
2. L. Senfl: Ich stuend am einen Morgen
3. G. Gabrieli: Canzon 4
4-7. Yoko Sato: Sang Hwa
8. A. Holborne: Pavan
9-10. Id.: Galliard, Honie Suckle
11. O. Gibbons: In Nomine
12. H. Purcell: Fantasia Z742
13. Tsutomu Mizuno: Red shoes of May
14. Id.: Catlz
15. Id.: Lively Gambist - win or lose - 1988
16. C. De Rore and G. Dalla Casa: Pero piu fermo
17: J.S.Bach: Contrapunctus 1
18-23.: Ryohei Hirose: Suite for Noble Cats
Buy YKVC0302 Foglia d'olivo
Works for viols by Tsutomu Mizuno
The Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort: Yukimi Kambe, Eriko Ozawa, Maki Noguchi, Kaori Hashizume, Shigeru Sakurai, with guests: Keiko Hanagata, recitation; Kumi Matsudo, soprano
1. Catlz (Cat Waltz)
2-4. Kachou-fugetsu (Flowers, Birds, Winds, Moon)
5. Kappa (A Water Imp), Verse by Hiroo Sakata
6. Red Shoes of May
7. Lively Gambists... Win or Lose
8-10. A Cat in Springtime
From Word-Manipulation Verses by Shuntaro Tanikawa
11. Nonohana (Flowers in the Field)
12. Saru Sarau (The Monkey Carries Off)
13. Iruka (A Dolphin)
14. Usotsuki Kitsutsuki (A Liar Woodpecker)
15. Tasogare (Twilight)
16-18. From 5 Spanish Dances
19-23. Little Suite (The First Prize work of the Contest for Viol Consort Music 1986, Japan, by The Viola da Gamba Society of Japan.)
Buy ARCD983 Nikolaj Tarasov Plays The Modern Alto Recorder by Mollenhauer
Mini size CD, will play in regular CD player
1. Domenico Gabrielli (1659-1690): Ricercar 5
2.J.S. Bach (1685-1750) Allemande from Partita BWV1013
3. G.P.Telemann (1681-1767): Fantasie 9
4. Narcisse Bousquet (died 1869) Grande Caprice 1
5. Hans Gal (1890-1987): Allegro Energico from Sonatina op 110B
6. Helmut Bornefeld (1906-1990): Three Little Pieces
7. Erroll Gardner (1921-1977): Misty
Buy VMM 2037 Music of the Autumn Winds
Solo and Chamber Music from East Asia by David Loeb (USA, b. 1949)
1. Fuke (Urara Mogi, violin)
2. Yuukuu (Shakuhachi 1979)
3. Fantasia on Pyong-si-jo (Hye-ri Yoon, flute; Si-yeon Ryu, violin; Eun-young Kwak, piano)
4-6. Yumegahara (Ryoko Niikura, qin)
7. Gaunkyo (Miyata Mayumi, sho; Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort: Yukimi Kambe, Eriko Ozawa, Maki Noguchi, Kaoru Hashizume, viols)
8. The Jade Goddess (Srdjan Berdovic, guitar)
9-10. Music of the Autumn Wind (Shinichi Yuize, voice, solo koto; Yasuko Nakashima, koto; Masako Okuda and Gare Okubo, sangen; Suizan Sakai and Chikuzan Namba, shakuhachi; Gae Yuize, bass koto)
Buy VMM 2035 Yearning for Autumn
Chamber Music from Japan by David Loeb (USA, b. 1939)
1. Ganya (Mayumi Miyata, sho. Yukimi Kambe, viola da gamba)
2. Between Sea and Sky (Srdjan Berdovic, Carlo Valte, Mariano Aguirre, guitars)
3-5. Ancient Legends (The Orfeo Duo: Vita Wallace, violin; Ishmael Wallace, piano)
6-10. Fantasias for the Japanese Consort:
"Japanese Bells" Suite;
Akikaze Fantasia;
Fantasia Tsugaru (The Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort: Yukimi Kambe, Eriko Ozawa, Ichiko Tsubota, Maki Noguchi, Kaoru Hashizume, Shigeru Sakurai, viols)
11. Seiya (Ryoko Niikura, voice and qin)
12-15. Yoru ga Mau (Masayuki Koga, shakuhachi; Jane Lenoir, flute; Tomoko Sunazaki, koto; Douglas Hensley, guitar)
Buy VMM2033 Imagined Landscapes
Solo String Compositions by David Loeb (USA, b. 1939)
1-4. Sonata No 6 for cello solo (Jean-Guihen Queyras, cello)
5. Fantasia sobre "Una Hija Tiene dal Rey" (Terry Champlin, guitar)
6. Fantasia on a Theme of Yuize (live performance, Shinichi Yuize, koto)
7. Keisho for theorbo solo (Richard Stone, theorbo)
8-9. Imagined Landscapes (Ryoko Niikura, qin)
10-13. Utagumi (Yukimi Kambe, viola da gamba)
Buy VMM2029 Echos from Bronze Bells
Music by David Loeb (USA, b. 1939)
1-5. Five Fantasias for Viol Consort:
"The Cries of Kyoto"
Fantasia "Tohoku"
"Cancion Japonesa"
Fantasia "Indonesian"
Fantasia "Indian"
(The Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort: Yukimi Kambe, Eriko Ozawa, Ichiko Tsubota, Maki Noguchi, Kaoru Hashizume)
6. Sonata in One Movement for guitar (Terry Champlin, guitar)
7-13. Gli Spiriti Infernali (The Orfeo Duo: Vita Wallace, violin; Ishmael Wallace, piano)
14-17. Echoes from Bronze Bells (Suizan Sakai, shakuhachi; Yukimi Kambe, viola da gamba)
18-22. Renka for String Quartet (The Ives Quartet: Charles Wetherbee, violin; Paul Pesthy, violin; Sarah Wetherbee, viola; Kristin Ostling, cello)
23. Aoi (Ryoko Niikura, voice and qin)
24-28. Het Nieuwe Madrigaalboek (Het Nederlands Klarinetkwartet: Jan Jansen, Martin Hemminga, David Salinas, Henri Bok)
Buy fontec 2550 Various Variety of Tones
Music by Kikuko Masumoto.
1. Ranjoh for Flute solo (Kanae Kikuchi, flute).
2. Lamentation for Piano solo (Hiroko Nakano, piano).
3. Vocalise for Soprano and Shakuhachi (Kyo Nakagawa, soprano; Teruo Furuya, shakuhachi).
4. Kawa, an image of the Great River, for oboe, hichiriki, sho, and percussion (Hideki Honda, oboe; Hitomi Nakamura, hichiriki; Ko Ishikawa, sho; Sawako Yasue, percussion).
5. Rustles in the Ancient Court, for viola da gamba consort (Yukimi Kambe, Eriko Ozawa, Maki Noguchi, Kaori Hashizume, violas da gamba).
Buy CD 00001 Gamba Dream
Music by Jay Elfenbein.
Jay Elfenbein, Tom Nelson, Ratzo Harris, Satoshi Takeishi, Andrée Pagès.
1. Nuttin' Much.
2. And Finally Grow.
3. I Love You (Porter).
4. Maybe Not (lyric: Pagès).
5. Specialest.
6. Stepping Stones (lyric: Pagès).
7. Pick Yourself Up (Kern, arr. Elfenbein).
8. Mood Swing.
9. Inner Urge (Henderson).
10. Maddy Waddy.
11. Four Winds (Holland).
12. Ruby's Glow.
Buy CRC2385 William Lawes Fantazia Suites for Violin, Bass Viol, and Organ
Music's Re-creation:
Carla Moore (baroque violin), John Dornenburg (bass viol), Lorna Peters (organ).
1-3. Suite No. 1 in g
4-6. Suite No. 2 in G
7-9. Suite No. 3 in a
10-12. Suite No. 4 in C
13-15. Suite No. 5 in d
16-18. Suite No. 6 in D
19-21. Suite No. 7 in d
22-24. Suite No. 8 in D
Buy CRC2429 Marin Marais: Pièces de Violes IIIe Livre
John Dornenburg & Lynn Tatenbaum, viols; Malcolm Proud, harpsichord
1-6. Suite in D Major
7-12. Suite in G Minor
13. Prelude in D Minor
14-20. Suite in A Minor
21. Passacaille in B Minor
22-28. Suite in G Major
Buy TMD89801 Marin Marais: Pieces de viole du troisieme livre
Lynn Tetenbaum et Gail Ann Schroeder, violes de gambe; David van Ooijen, theorbe et guitare baroque; Pieter Dirksen, clavecin
1-11. Suite en la mineur
12-22. Suite en re majeur
23-33. Suite en sol mineur
Buy GV01A The Golden Viol: Scottish & Irish Airs
Grace Feldman plays Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Scottish, & Irish Airs.
1. Douce Dame Jolie (Machaut)
2. Crusader's Song (Vogelweide)
3. Royal Estampie (anon)
4. Saltarello (anon)
5. Lamento & Rotta (anon)
6. Ductia (anon)
7. Trotto (anon)
8. Saltarello (anon)
9. Danza alto (de la Torre)
10. Allemande (t'Uitnement Kabinet)
11. Doen Daphne (van Eyck)
12. Rosemondt (van Eyck)
13. Greensleeves (anon)
14. Pavaen Lachrimae (van Eyck)
15. Paul's Steeple (Division Flute)
16. L'Amie Cillae (van Eyck)
17. Woodycock (anon)
18. Goates Masque (Masquing ayre)
19. Cupararee or Graysin (Masquing ayre)
20. Witches Dance (Masquing ayre)
21. Prelude (Eccles)
22. Bourree (JS Bach)
23. Gigue (JS Bach)
24. Cliffs of Moher (Irish tune)
25. Drowsy Maggie (Irish Reel)
26. Paddy's Shamrock Stone (Irish air)
27. Piper's Weird (Scottish bagpipe tune)
28. John McColl's Reel (Scottish tune)
29. Balooloo, my Lammie (Scottish lullaby)
30. Aye Wakin', O! (Ancient Scots air)
31. Highland Boat Song (Scottish tune)
32. Ailie Bain (from the Celtic Lyre)
33. MacCrimmon's Lament (from Songs of the Gael)
Buy GV01B The Treble Sings
Grace Feldman plays Divisions by Marshall Barron for Viola da Gamba.
1. Bonny sweet Robin
2. Goddesses
3. February Prelude
4. Scotch Cap "Homage to RVW"
5. Aye me, or The Symphony
6. Chestnut
7. Cock Lorrell
8. Once I loved a Maiden fair
9. Green Rags and Yellow Schmaate
10. St. Martins
11. Fall of the Leafe
12. Paul's Wharfe
13. Jack Pudding
14. Jenny pluck Pears
15. Lull me beyond Thee
Many of these are in "Dances & Divisions for Viols", Catalog number PCP9, in our Sheet Music section.
Buy   Komponier er mehr für Baryton
Esterházy Ensemble
Michael Brussing, baroque cello, baryton; Marla A. Brussing, baroque cello, baryton; Andreas Bolyki, baroque viola
1. Haydn, Baryton trio No. 87, A minor
2. Tomasini, Baryton trio No. 10, G Major
3. Haydn, Baryton trio No. 97, D Major
4. Haydn, Baryton trio No. 5, A Major
5. Haydn, Baryton trio No. 52, D minor
6. Haydn, Baryton trio No. 107, D Major
Buy   Will Ayton: A Reliquary for William Blake
Parthenia: A Consort of Viols.
Beverly Au, bass viol; Lawrence Lipnik, tenor viol, recorders; Rosamund Morley, treble and tenor viols; Lisa Terry, tenor and bass viols with Alexandra Montano, Mezzo-Soprano.
1-14. A Reliquary for William Blake
15-18. Four Pieces from Songs of the British Isles
19-20. Two Settings of Songs of Thomas Campion
21-23. Incantations
24. Rest Sweet Nymphs
25. Fantasia on a THeme of Henry Purcell
26. Ballad of the Rosemary
Buy   The Versatile Viol. II, LeClair Five Sonatas
Tina Chancey, Pardessus de Viole with Susie Napper, Basse de Viole and Webb Wiggins, Harpsichord
A Minor Book III, Sonata VII
1. Largo
2. Allegro
3. Adagio
4. Gavotta
D Major Book III, Sonata VIII
5. Allegro ma non tropo
6. Aria (Gratioso)
7. Andante
8. Allegro
E Minor Book IV, Sonata II
9. Andante
10. Allemanda
11. Sarabanda
12. Minuetto
F# Minor Book IV, Sonata X
13. Andante Affectuoso
14. Allemanda
15. Largo
16. Giga
G major Book III, Sonata XII
17. Adagio
18. Allegro ma non tropo (Fuga)
19. Largo
20. Ciaccona
Buy DIS-80150 Barthélemy de Caix, Six Sonatas for Two Pardessus de Viole, Op 1
Duo Guersan: Tina Chancey, Catharina Meints
Sonata I
1. Allegro
2. Aria
3. Allegro assai
Sonata II
4. Andante
5. Tambourino I (presto)/Tambourino II (minore)
6. Allegro (cassia)
Sonata III
7. Allegro
8. Sarabanda (adagio)
9. Allegro (pantomime)
Sonata IV
10. Allegro
11. Aria (gratioso)
12. Ciaconna
Sonata V
13. Andante
14. Allegro
15. Tempo di Minuetto I/Minuetto II (majore)
Sonata VI
16. Andantino
17. Allegro
18. Minuetto I/Minuetto II (majore)
Buy   Lawes Fantasies
Five- and Six-Part Fantasies of William Lawes,
Oberlin Consort of Viols, James Caldwell, Director
1. Set a 6 in C Major
2. Set a 5 in A minor
3. Set a 5 in F Major
4. Set a 5 in C Major
5. Set a 5 in C minor
6. Set a 6 in G minor
Buy   Banchetto Musicale
Flanders Recorder Quartet
J.H. Schein
1-4. Suite No. 20 in g (from 'Banchetto musicale')
J.S. Bach
5-6. Praeludium (Fantasia) & Fuga in c BWV 537
7-8. Merula, La Marcha & La Livia
Vaughan Williams
9-12. Suite for Pipes
Piet Swerts
13-15. Three Gadgets
Jan Van der Roost
16-20. I Contienti
21-23. Czaldy Waldy+, La Manfredina, La Rotta della Manfredina
24. op de fles
Buy   Bach
Flanders Recorder Quartet
Bart Spanhove, Han Tol, Joris Van Goethem, and Paul Van Loey
1-5. Concerto in A minor BWV 596, after Vivaldi op 3 no 11
6-7. Vater unserer im Himmelreich, BWV 737, BWV 636
8. Fuga in A minor BWV 543
9. Contrapunctus 1 from 'Die Kunst der Fuge' BWV 1080
10. Christ lag in Todesbanden BWV 625
11. Contrapunctus 3 from 'Die Kunst der Fuge' BWV 1080
12. Passacaglia in G minor BWV 582
13. Herr Christ, der ein'ge Gottessohn
14. Fantasia in C BWV 570
15. Fuga in C BWV 545
16-18. Concerto in d BWV 593, after Vivaldi op 3 no 8
19. Herzlich tut mich verlangen BWV 727
20. Fuga in g BWV 578
21-22. Jesu meine Freude from BWV 227, BWV 610
Buy   Flanders Recorder Quartet: In Concert
Paul Van Loey, Han Tol, Bart Spanhove, and Joris Van Goethem
1. G. Guami, 'Canzon a 4 "La Todeschina"'
2. Anon., 'La Spagna'
3. P. de la Rue, 'Ma bouche rit'
4. Anon., 'Estampita "Lamento di tristano"'
5. S. Scheidt, 'Galliarde', 'Courante', 'Galliarde'
6. G. Ph. Telemann, 'Concerto in F, TWV 40:202'
7. P. Warlock, 'Capriol Suite'
8. J. Van Landegham, 'Sanpaku'
9. J. Van Landeghem, 'Circus Renz'
Buy   Lieder ohne Worte
Eerste Schniedamse Mandoline Orkest O.N.I.
1. Overture No 1 in A Major by Konrad Woelki
2-4. Chaconne A minor by Hermann Ambrosius
5-8. Lieder ohne Worte by Konrad Woelki
9-16. Moskva-Petuski Suite by Erik hart
17-23. Sieben Studien fur Zupforchester by Fred Witt
Buy   Bonny Broom and Other Scottish Ballads
Texas Early Music Project, Daniel Johnson, Artistic Director
1. The Broom of Cowdenknows
2. Lochaber
3. The Banks of Devon
4. Tullochgorum
5. The Birks of Invermay
6. On hearing a young Lady Sing
7. Oran gaoil
8. The Braes o' Ballochmyle
9. Flowers of Edinburgh
10. Etrick Banks
11. Wae is my heart
12. O, as I was kist yestre'en
13. Now westlin winds
14. The Winter of Life
15. Auld lang Syne
16. Tune your fiddles
17. Such a parcel of rogues in a nation
18. The Broom of Cowdenknows
Buy CRC2357 Johann Hermann Schein: Banchetto Musicale
Sex Chordae Consort of Viols.
John Dorenburg, treble viol and director; Julie Jeffrey treble and tenor viols; Amy Brodo, tenor and bass viols; Michael Sand, bass viol; Farley Pearce, bass viol and G violone.
1-4. Suite 1
5-8. Suite 3
9-12. Suite 6
13-16. Suite 7
17-20. Suite 10
21-24. Suite 14
25-28. Suite 15
29-32. Suite 16
Buy   The Versatile Viol: Scottish & Irish Music
Tina Chancey
1. Flowers of Edinburgh/Star of Munster
2. The Major -Burke Thumoth
3. John Hay's Bonny Lassie - Adam Craig
4. Black Jock
5. Highland Laddie/Athol Highlanders
6. Slaunt Ri Plulib - Thumoth
7. The Almond - James Oswald
8. O'Carolan's Draft - Turloch O'Carolan
9. Jigs: Garrett Barry's Favourite/The Gander at the Prattie Hole/The Rambling Pitchfork - Tommy Potts
10. Bridget Cruise - O'Carolan
11. Tom Billy's jig set - Boys of the Lough
12. Princess Royal
13. Through the Woods, Laddie - William McGibbon
14. O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick
15. Up tails 'a
16. Princess Royal redux
Buy   The Versatile Viol III: American Landscapes
Tina Chancey on viola da gamba, rebec, kamenj with Molly Andrews, Bruce Hutton, Zan McLeod, Nick Blanton, Marcy marxer, Paul Oorts, and Chris Romaine
1. I'm an Old Cowhand
2. Soldier's Joy
3. Princess Papuli
4. Muddy Water
5. Coleman's March
6. Hangman's Reel
7. Three Ravens
8. Say, Old Man, Can you play the fiddle?
9. Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
10. Salty Dog
11. My Name is Death
12. Lou Courdeu
13. Purple Picket Rag
14. Wintergrace
15. Been on the Job Too Long
16. It Was Silent So I Gave It Away
17. Lark in the Morning
Buy   Quaver
Quaver Viol Consort
Brady Lanier, Marie Dalby, Tobi Szüts, and Loren Ludwig, viols
1. Canzona detto il Capriccio - Cima
2. Jazz Waltz No. 1 - Shostakovich arr. Lanier
3. Pavane - Wm Young
4. Aire no 336 - Lawes
5. Et Sha'are Ratson - Ayton
6. Rose, liz - Machaut
7. Walsingham - Wm Cranford
8. Ero cosi dicea - Merulo
9. Seventeen Years - Ratatat arr. Ludwig
10. Wildflower - Sheryl Crow arr. Lanier
11. La Muerte del Angel - Piazzolla arr. Szuts
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Ensemble Vermillian
Frances Blaker, recorders; Barbara Blaker Krumdieck, baroque cello; Elisabeth Reed, viola da gamba; Katherine Heater, harpsichord and organ
1. Lachrime Pavaen by Schop
2-5. Sonata I, Opus I by Buxtehude
6-10. Sonata VI, Opus I by Buxtehude
11. Ciacona Violino Solo by Biber
12-16. Sonata V, Opus I by Buxtehude
17. Sonata in D by Buxtehude
18-19. Sonata Quarta by Schmelzer
20-22. Sonata VII, Opus I by Buxtehude
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Ensemble Vermillian
1-3. Sonata Terza a 2 by Rosenmuller
4-5. Sonata IV, Opus I by Buxtehude
6-10. Sonata VI, 1681 by Biber
11. Ricercar by Krieger
12-15. Sonata II, Opus I by Buxtehude
16. Sonata sopra "La monica" from Sacra Partitura by Boddecker
17. In dulci jubilo by J.S. Bach
18-21. Sonata II, Opus I by Buxtehude
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Josh Lee, viola da gamba
1. Recercada Segunda sobre La Spagna
2. Recercada Quarta sobre La Gamba
3. Recercada Tercera sobre Doulce Memoire
4. Recercada Primera sobre el passamezzo antiguo
5. Recercada Segunda sobre el passamezzo moderno
6. Ancor che col partire, modo facile
7. La Folia
8. Ancor che col partire per la viola bastarda
9. Prelude in D
10. Division in G major
11. Johnny Cock thy Beaver
12. Prelude-Aria-Aria
de Visee
13. Chaconne
14. Les Folies d'Espagne
15. Chaconne en fa majeur
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Ensemble Baroque Nouveau. Charles Sherman, harpsichord; Anthony martin, violin; Stephen Schultz, baroque flute; Josh Lee, viola da gamba
Concert No. 4
1. la Pantomine
2. l'Indiscrete
3. La Rameau
Concert No. 5
4. La Forqueray
5. La Cupis
6. La Marais
Concert No. 1
7. La Coulicam
8. La Livri
9. Le Vezinet
Concert no. 2
10. La Laborde
11. La Boucon
12. L'Agicante
13. Menuets
Concert No. 3
14. La La Popliniere
15. La Timide
16. Tambourin en rondeau
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Allison Guest Edberg, Baroque Violin; Ann Marie Morgan, Baroque Cello
1-4. Sonata in G minor
J.S. Bach
5. "Lass mein Herz die Munze sein" from BWV 163
6. "Jesu, beuge doch mein Herze" from BWV 47
7-10. Fantasia for violin without bass, E flat Major, TWV 40:20
11. "Nichts ist es spat und fruhe um alle meine Muhe" from BWV 97
12. "Mein Wandel auf der Welt" from BWV 56
13. "Endlich, endlich wird mein Joch" from BWV 56
14-16. Fantasia from violin without bass
17. "Es ist Vollbracht" from BWV 159
18. "Der Friede sei mit dir" from BWV 158
19. "Welt, ade!" from BWV 158
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Farallon Recorder Quartet
Letitia Berlin, Frances Blaker, Louise Carslake, and Hanneke van Proosdij
1. Gesellschaft ist guet
2. Mich wundert sehr
3. Ich weiss nit, was er ihr verhiess
4. Beati omnes qui timent
5. Oho, so geb' der Mann ein Pfenning
6. Es wollt' ein Mann versuechen sein Weib
7. Ein gmeiner Brauch
8. In Domino confido
9. Lamentatio
10. In Lieb' und Freud'
11. Das Lang
12. Ich armer Mann/So man lang macht
13. Ecce qua, bonum
14. Tandernaken
15. Unsaglich Schmerz
16. Nichts ohn' Ursach'
17. Usquequo Domine
18. So ich sie dann freundlich gruess
19. Virgo prudentissima
20. Ungnad' begehr' ich nit von ihr
21. In pace in idipsum
22. Wann ich des Morgens frueh aufsteh'
23. Carmen
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Salut! Baroque
1-5. Sonata No. 5 in F Major
6-10. Sonata Prima in D Minor
11-14. Sonata No. 2 in G Minor
15-19. Sonata Quarta in C Minor
20-23. Sonata No. 1 in C Minor
24-27. Sonata No. 1 in D Minor
28-30. Sonata No. 6 in C Minor
31-34. Sonata No. 4 in G Minor
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The New York Consort of Viols
1. Viv el Rey
2. "Long Live the Great King..." (1492)
3.Recercada Segunda
4. Vihuela solo
5. Legal Status of Jews in Castile (14th C)
6. Arvolera
7. Cados, cados
8. Edict of Expulsion (1492)
9. Galliard
10. Venice (1592)
11. Lute solo
12. Abravanel: Poem to his son (1503)
13. Fantasia
14. Duarte Sinfonia
15. Observations by a Jewish dancing master (1463)
16. Piva
17. A Letter to the Court (1539)
18. Instrumental Piece
19. Pastime with Good Company
20. Lupo I
21. Lupo II
22. Scalerica d'oro
23. A Sense of Exile (1492)
24. Nani, nani
25. Shakespeare: A Speculation (1995)
26. Puncha, puncha