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The Boulder Early Music Shop is your source for Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music, instruments, and accessories. We carry a full line of

  Sheet Music, Books, and Scores (over 11,000 items!),
  Instruments, Kits, and Strings (over 800 items),
  Gifts & Accessories (over 150 items).

Our store hours are:
  Monday through Friday, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm Pacific Time.
  Store visits by appointment only, since we are sometimes traveling with the Shop to workshops. Please phone or email.


New Email Info!
If you would like to send us an email, please send it to violmaker@gmail.com. We are having some technical issues with our other email accounts, but we will let you know as soon as they are up and running!

Holiday Hours
Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year from all of us here at BEMS! Due to the holiday season, the shop will be closed from December 22-27. You may continue to place orders, but there may be some delay in processing and shipping orders.

Shopping Cart Issues
We have heard that there have been some glitches with the shopping cart. We are having this looked at, and we also hope to unveil our new website soon! For now, if you put an item in the shopping cart, but it comes up as "empty," try adjusting the quantity and/or recalculating the total, then changing it back to your original quantity. If the shopping cart still doesn't work, you can order via email at orders@bems.com, or you can call us. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to have this problem fixed very soon.

New Music from Tom Sears!
The Wind Stirs (Item #TSM107) is a beautiful new piece for recorder quarter by composer Tom Sears. We will be featuring a number of new pieces from Tom over the next few weeks!

Price reduction on Renaissance viols!
Early Renaissance style viols after Johannes Marcus, Matching Treble ($1800), Tenor ($2100) Bass ($2600). Johannes Marcus Grappello was active around 1550 in Ferrara. This places him at the epicenter of renaissance music in Italy and the birthplace of the viola da gamba consort. Few of his instruments survive, but each of them displays a style consistent with renaissance viols in iconography--a style distinct from any seventeenth-century instrument. Marcus instruments are the best surviving examples of early violas da gamba, and open many possibilities for the performance of early sixteenth-century consort music, as well as Italian solo diminutions in the 'viola bastarda' style.

New Lute Music
Affordable editions from the UK Lute society. Many great collections, for beginners and advanced players alike.

New lower price!
Christopher Monk Alto Cornetto in G, of black resin covered with black leather. $455.00. Soprano Cornetti (Cornettino) also newly available.

Gift Certificates
Do your friends love early music but you don't know what they already have in their collection? You're in luck! BEMS now offers gift certificates. You can add one to your cart under the "Gifts and Accessories/Miscellaneous Items and Gifts" section of our website, or email us for more info.

7 String Bertrand Model Bass Viola da Gamba with Carved Woman’s Head. 71 cm string length. Select maple sides and back, fine spruce top. Ebony veneered fingerboard and tailpiece. Double purfling on front and back with 3 purfled ornaments on the back. Beautiful carved woman’s head with wavy tresses. Soft padded case included. $3600.00

Music for Voices
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer; Currite, Accurrite. A Christmas motet for S,A,T,B, Choir, 2 Violins, 4 Viols and Basso continuo. Parts EW325 $35.00; Score EW321 $24.00

Robert Jones; The Second Book of Songs and Airs for soprano and bass vioces, lute and lyra viol. PRBVCS80 $53.00

Joseph Bodin Boismortier; Les Quatre Saisons. 3 cantatas for Soprano, obbligato instruments and Basso continuo, and 1 cantata for Bass, obbligato instruments and Basso continuo. Facsimile score. 5764FZ $72

Henry Purcell; A Serenading Song; Soprano and Bass voices, 2 Alto Recorders, Basso continuo. Vocal scores, Full score, Parts. BCMS11 $17.00

Music for Viols
Passamezzo Method for viola da gamba Book 3 is now available for Bass Viol (PM103-B), Tenor viol (PM103-TC), and Treble viol (JETr3). $19.95 each.

Martha Bishop; Serna Suite for solo viol. Prelude, Tango, Sarabande, Jigge. For solo 7 string bass viol. Originally written for Phillip Serna. WE28 $10.00

Martha Bishop; Prelude and Fugue, Trope on In Nomine, Hijaz for solo treble, tenor and bass violas da gamba; PRBCIMS34 $8.00

Sarah Mead; Fantasia Sine Nomine for 5 viols. PRBCCS80 $9.00

Lee Inman; Tres Piezas Latinas for viol quintet. PRBPTS4 $16.00

Sainte-Colombe; Concerts a deux Violes Esgales, Volume 1: Le tentre; Le retour; Tombeau Les Regrets. G242 $23.00

Roger L'Estrange; Divisions for solo bass viol. Edited by Patrice Connelly. SM97 $17.50

Louis Couperin; Music for Viols from the Bauyn Manuscript. Music for one, two and three viols. Edited by Daniel Rippe. RIP2 $22.00

The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book Selections for Tenor viol and Keyboard. Ten arrangements of well-known pieces by Byrd, Phillips, Peerson, Anon and others from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book. There's a variety of playing levels, a few quite easy pieces, and some quite virtuosic ones. Perfect for performance. SM81 $28.00

Giovanni Croce; Motets for Four Voices arranged for voices, viols or recorders. Giovanni Croce (1557-1609) composed music when the Renaissance style was hovering right on the edge of the Baroque. He was maestro di capella at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, and was extremely popular in his day for his beautiful melodies and the modest technical demands of his music. TR75 $7.50

Balthasar Resinarius; Chorales for Four Voices. Arranged for voices, viols or recorders. TR82 $8.95

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck; Psalms for Four Voices. Arranged for voices, viols or recorders. Two volumes. TR83 $8.95; TR84 8.95

Mozart and Beethoven; Sonata KV292/196c and Duet WoO32 with obbligato eyeglasses. Arranged for 2 bass viols. PRBCS19 $20.00

Johann Pachelbel; Six Works: Fugues, Choral Preludes & Ricercars arranged for viol quartet. PRBVCS70 $25.00

Thomas Brewer; Six Fantasias for four viols; PRBVCS78 $30.00

Johann Jakob Froberger; Ricercars & Capriccios from the Liveres de 1656 & 1658. Arranged from keyboard works, these are a fantastic addition to the viol quartet genre. PRBVCS82 $26.00

Johann Jakob Froberger; Ricercars, Fantasias & a Canzon from the livre de 1649 & MS Amalienbibliothek 434. PRBVCS86 $26.00

Music for Bowed Strings
Dall'Abaco, Giuseppe Clemente; 35 Sonatas: Volume IV (ABV 32-39). For cello and basso continuo, edited by Elinor Fry. EW365 $33.00

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer; Lamento sopra la morte Ferdinandi III (Violin, 2 Violas, Basso continuo). This deep-felt early work of Schmelzer was written for the death of his employer, the Habsburg Emperor Ferdinand III. EW532 $19.00

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer; Ciaccona in A for violin and basso continuo. A lovely piece from the collection Arien Zu den Balletten welche an der Rom. Moderate difficulty, rarely going beyond first position. First modern edition. EW648 $15.00

Archangelo Corelli; Sonatas for Violin and Basso contionuo. Opus 5. Corelli's seminal work, his opus 5, is here presented as a Berenreiter Urtext. Ornamented and original versions. Notes by Christopher Hogwood. Scores and parts. 2 violumes. Sonatas 1-6: BA9455 $35.00; Sonatas 7-12: BA9456 $35.00

Scherzi Armonici sopra le Quattro Staggioni dell' anno. Do you enjoy Vivaldi's "Four Seasons"? This charming work, for 3 violins (or flutes or oboes) and continuo, is reminiscent of the tone painting Vivaldi used in his collection. Book 1: Le Printemps eba5053 $24.00; Book 2: L' Este eba5054 $29.00; Book 3: L' Automne eba5060 $27.00; Book 4: L' Hyver eba5061 $27.00

Schenck, Johannes; Suonate a Violino. 18 Fantasias, Sonatinas, Sinfonias, Caprices, Preludes and Arias transcribed from Opus 7, 1699. eba2204 $27.00

Georg Philipp Telemann; Sonata a 3 in E Major for violin, viola da gamba and basso continuo. BCMS22 $28.50

Music for Winds

Ludwig Senfl; Alma Redemptoris Mater a6. Music from the Copenhagen Wind Collection V suitable for recorders, crumhorns, sackbuts, shawms, flutes, curtals and other early wind instruments. LMPRB18 $9.00

The Bass Recorder Book, Vol. 4: Music of Henry Purcell. 43 keyboard pieces arranged for bass recorder. Airs, Minuets, Hornpipes and other dances and tunes. There's plenty of ornamentation to challenge. This music is tuneful and fun. SM67 $24.00

Charlie Ogle Workshop viols, baroque violins, violas and cellos now available through BEMS
These instruments are hand made, sound wonderful, and are very affordable! We also have bows for early stringed instruments. Check out what we have in the Instruments and Strings section. If you are looking for something we don't have listed, please ask.

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The Boulder Early Music Shop travels to many workshops and festivals with a large selection of our inventory, so that you may have that hands-on experience. Here's our upcoming schedule.

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